Hookah Hookah Butter Scotch Review

Hookah Hookah Butter Scotch

Shisha Cut: fine, no stems. Med Brown in color. Wet and slightly sticky.

Hookah Type: 30" Syrian w/ iced water and ice in base

Duration: 45-50min

Bowl: standard clay/modern

Foil / Screen: foil

Coal / Amount: golden (33m) broken in half w/ windcover

Smoke: med

Buzz: none

Smell / Flavor: Smell is that of a Butterscotch candy, w/ a slight undertone of something "chemically". Taste was butterscotch like, slightly sweet, with an undercurrent of something like cookie dough.

Rating (1 to 10): 6

Although it smelt wonderful (i wanted to eat it), the smoke didn't quite live up to the smell. It was still good - had a butterscotch taste, but on the exhale it kinda reminded me of cookie dough. Not overly bad, but kinda unexpected. Still, a decent smoke for Hookah-Hookah.

This shisha needs consent heat - but 1 golden coal w/ a windcover is enough. Too much heat simply burns it, although you do get more smoke and buzz.

Hoookah-Hookah Hazelnut Review

Hoookah-Hookah Hazelnut

Shisha Cut: fine, no stems. Dark brown, slightly sticky and wet.

Hookah Type: 30" syrain

Duration: 45-50min

Bowl: glass

Foil / Screen: foil

Coal / Amount: 2 (33m) goldens, broken in half - 1 @ a time

Smoke: med to thick

Buzz: slight to mild

Smell / Flavor: smelt very nutty, strong and life-like. Was mouth-wateringly real. Taste was very similar to smell, strong, nutty and interesting.

Rating (1 to 10): 8

Probably one of the best Hookah-Hookah flavors I've smoked so far - true tasting, strong and for HH, long lasting. I was doing large pulls and it still lasted 45-50 mins.


Smiley's Snack - Orange Review

Smiley Snack - Orange

Shisha Cut: courser than old Smiley’s, similar to AW in cut and stemage. Not as drippy as before but still moist.

Hookah Type: 17” Modern

Duration: 1 hour

Bowl: clay standard

Foil / Screen: foil

Coal / Amount: started w/ 1.5” Dynamite finger, added 2 JST – removed 1 piece after 15-20 minutes.

Smoke: thick

Buzz: at first (25-30 min) was good and buzzing. Then stopped completely, even with massive drags – nothing.

Smell / Flavor: Smell was fresh oranges, not candish or sweet. Very tasty smelling and made my mouth water. Taste: at first, (25-35) mins it was nice mellow true Orange tasting. After that point the taste slowly went down hill, acquiring a bitter taste. After 45min it reminded me of Nahkla Orange, but still got even more bitter. Taste started going “burnt” about 55-60 mins, where I stopped.

Rating (1 to 10): 4.5-5 for taste, 8.5 for smoke

When I received the sample, I checked out the packaging. Plastic over-wrap, cardboard inner, with a “seal-a-meal” bag inside of shisha. No leaks. Has standard smoking warning inside with weight and Tar/Nic amounts.

Outside of Bag/Box

Inside of Bag/Box

Also states: Don’t be Sqaure, Be Smiley! Smiley’s is the ONLY American Based Shisha! The Legend of Smiley Begins TODAY!

Weighed the bag before and after opening - .5oz of shisha (Google says .529oz is 15g), so it true to the amount. Sliced open bag and was greeted by fresh squeezed Orange smell. Nice – not candy, true fruit.

Shisha itself

Shisha cut was different than previous shisha – rougher, similar to Al Waha, with med to light amount of stems. Wasn’t nearly as drippy as before – was moist & slightly sticky. Wet moist, but not as bad as Hookah-Hookah.

Bowl Packed

Packed bowl and used foil – 3 rings of holes. Started with a 1.5” of natural wood finger (Dynamite) but after 5 min, lit 2 Japanese Silver tabs to add to bowl. Took 11 min w/ windcover to produce smoke, taste started 1 min after.

Taste was that of a fresh Orange, true fruit not over sweet. Very nice.

Video of me starting

After 25-35 mins, shisha picked up a bitter taste, no amount of moving the coals would alter the bitterness. Removing a coal didn’t help either, but did decrease the amount of smoke slightly.

Continued on till about 45 min in, started getting “off” taste similar to Nakhla Orange taste, but very more bitter and was rapidly losing it’s “true” orange taste. About 55-60 min in the shisha lost all Orange taste and was just “burnt”. Stopped smoking.

¾’ers of the bowl was burnt black – very bottom was still moist.

All in all, the taste in my opinion hasn’t improved. It does have taste now, but it it lost serious points due to the bitter turn of the taste which then disappeared. It lost its “smokablity” somewhat fast in my book. I’m used to not losing taste till 90-100 min has passed.

The loss of the buzz as the flavor changed was also disappointing. For those who don’t like a buzz, you’d like it – clouds of smoke w/ no buzz. I’ll give it points for the clouds – they rocked.

As to my purchasing this shisha – No. I can enjoy more taste, longer, for less. I will state that it is an improvement over my first batch of Smiley’s (purchased about 4 months ago from the man himself), but it hasn’t proven to me yet that it has become as it claims. It may continue to improve over time and I am willing to try perhaps a few months down the line, but it isn’t up to my level of “par” as it currently is.


Al Fakher Mango Review

Al Fakher Mango

Shisha Cut: medium cut, some stems. Dark red in color. Drippy.

Hookah Type
: 27" Red Syrian

Duration: 1.5 hr to 2.5 hr

Bowl: standard modern, x-lg

Foil / Screen: 2 layers thin foil

Coal / Amount: 2 pieces of Silver Tab @ a time, broken. 6 Total.

Smoke: thick

Buzz: med to mild

Smell / Flavor: Smell was a sweet fruity Mango. Very yummie smelling. Taste was basically the same, but minus the true sweetness. It was Mango tasting, very much like the real thing. Had a very faint Mellon aftertaste, but not unpleasant.

Rating (1 to 10): 7

Surprisingly, this is good shisha. The smell was sweeter than the taste, but an overall good choice if your looking for a real fruity tasting shisha, without the overkill of sweet. Careful, can be heat sensative and burnt.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GbAEvbN-e7Q


Starbuzz - Not so Premuim in my Eyes

So, I've finally scored me some Starbuzz: Irish Cream, Peach and Chocolate Mint. Been smoking all three flavors, several different times, with completely different set-ups each time. Even used 3 different hookahs.

My verdict? Not worth the money.


It appears to be quite heat sensative. No matter what I do or try (different coals, bowls and covers) I only get a good smoke for 45-55 mins before it starts to taste "burnt". At this point, I have to remove the foil/screen and scrape away the burnt shisha, then either add more fresh or stir the remaining up. Re-foil/screen and smoke as if I was starting from scratch.

Plus, the cut of the shisha and amount of stems - ridiculous. Al Waha has less stems than Starbuzz!

This stuff and Hookah-Hookah, are the only two shishas that this seems to occur. HH is, in my opinion only, a lower end shisha. It's good if you can't handle the nicotine buzz on most brands, but even compared to Al Waha, it's weak. And it doesn't last long, smoking.

Starbuzz flavors are nice, the Peach is freaking great - but in my eyes - not worth the $20 price tag. Fusion, Layalina, and Al Fakher all have very good taste, smoke and are proven shisha - I never have had a bad smoke with any of them. Starbuzz is good... but too picky.


Al Fakher Coconut Review

Al Fahker Coconut

Shisha Cut: medium, some stems. Brown in color, juicy.

Hookah Type: 17" Modern

Duration: 1 hr

Bowl: small standard

Foil / Screen: foil

Coal / Amount: 1 golden, broken in half

Smoke: med to thick

Buzz: slight to mild

Smell / Flavor: Smell was defiantly Coconut. Taste was also Coconut, but not a strong version. Layalina's was stronger and sweeter, but this is more realistic. Very nice and mellow.

Rating (1 to 10): 8.5-9

I like Coconut, although this was somewhat weaker than I expected, it was still a nice smoke. Mixed with some sweet fruit flavors (Mango, pineapple, orange) would give a good tropical twist. If you enjoy Coconut, I recommend picking up a tub.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mgDK9SLeQgI


Al Amir Mocha Latte Review

Al Amir Mocha Latte

Shisha Cut: fine, few to no stems. Red in color, juicy.

Hookah Type: Engineer 2-hose

Duration: 45min-50min

Bowl: combo

Foil / Screen: Metal screen

Coal / Amount: 1 33m Golden, broken in half

Smoke: Medium

Buzz: slight to none

Smell / Flavor: Smell was more like a chocolate caramel than anything coffee related. Taste was the same, sweet chocolate caramel taste with the faintest hint of coffee in the background.

Rating (1 to 10): 3

Considering I dislike Al Amir, this has been one of the best flavors of the brand I have smoked. I didn't buy the tub, it arrived as a FREEBIE with my latest Hookah Company order. Figured maybe it was just the 50g packs I had tried before - nope. This stuff has always let me down, this flavor was better than most, but still disappointing. Too sweet, wrong flavor, weak on buzz & smoke.

I wouldn't recommend to buy it, if you are given it, smoke it, but otherwise pass.

Havana Coconut Review

Havana Coconut

Shisha Cut: med, some stems. Dark brown in color. Slightly wet (but not dry)

Hookah Type: 27" & 30" Syrain

Duration: 1hr +/- 10 min

Bowl: standard

Foil / Screen: foil

Coal / Amount: 2 Lemon wood coals or (1) 40mm Golden or 3 Silver tabs

Smoke: medium

Buzz: none

Smell / Flavor: Smell was great, very nice coconut. Taste was another thing - almost NO coconut taste. Every once and awhile a good strong whiff, but for the most part very weak.

Rating (1 to 10): 4
I like Coconut - I like Havana, so i figured they couldn't mess up the Coconut. I was wrong. So far this has been the only flavor of Havana I've smoked that has let me down - if you didn't smell it before, you'd have no idea it was coconut. Wasn't bad, just had no coconut taste.