Al Amir Mocha Latte Review

Al Amir Mocha Latte

Shisha Cut: fine, few to no stems. Red in color, juicy.

Hookah Type: Engineer 2-hose

Duration: 45min-50min

Bowl: combo

Foil / Screen: Metal screen

Coal / Amount: 1 33m Golden, broken in half

Smoke: Medium

Buzz: slight to none

Smell / Flavor: Smell was more like a chocolate caramel than anything coffee related. Taste was the same, sweet chocolate caramel taste with the faintest hint of coffee in the background.

Rating (1 to 10): 3

Considering I dislike Al Amir, this has been one of the best flavors of the brand I have smoked. I didn't buy the tub, it arrived as a FREEBIE with my latest Hookah Company order. Figured maybe it was just the 50g packs I had tried before - nope. This stuff has always let me down, this flavor was better than most, but still disappointing. Too sweet, wrong flavor, weak on buzz & smoke.

I wouldn't recommend to buy it, if you are given it, smoke it, but otherwise pass.

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