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Boomhauer on Hookah Pro has made up a list, detailing the best prices & places to purchase tobacco and coals that he can find. He does update it often. Another member, High_Society, has also made a website with lots of information about various brands of Hookah Tobacco.

So if you'r looking for a list of places to buy a certain brand of tobacco for hookah (shisha), then why not make a trip over to HookahPro.

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Vanilla Cappuccino, Sour Grapes w/ a Twist, Red & Blue Mint mixes

Vanilla Cappuccino

Bowl of Havana Cappuccino
Base full of (1) 8oz bottle of CHEAP vanilla extract, ice, and chilled water
(2) 1" exotica fingers

I've found any cappicinio flavor tends to be strong! Adding milk to the base helps, but if you've ever used milk you know the DANGER that milk has. A better way to "mellow" out the strong taste is to put (1) 8oz bottle OF CHEAP vanilla extract (go to the dollar store - they have immation vanilla extract). Add ice and chilled (for 3-5 hours works best) and smoke away.

Sour Grapes w/ a Twist

70% AF Grape
25% Lemon (layalina, rommans, havana)
5% AF Mint
(1) Lemon sliced up w/ ICE & CHILLED WATER (or chill base for 2-3 hours with cold water)
add 3-4 crushed mint leaves (fresh) if you can get them

Mix well, pack and enjoy. Put the sliced lemon in the base water (mint leaves too if you have them). The mint evens out the strangeness I often find most Lemon flavors have. 3/4'ers of the time, you'll taste Grape on the inhale, with a slight mint chill and Lemon/mint on the exhale. Very mellow and relaxing. Make sure to either CHILL the base or use ICE & CHILLED water.

Red & Blue Mint

40% Layalina Raspberry
45% Layalina Blueberry
5% AF Mint

Mix well, pack and enjoy. Chill base with water (put water in base & put whole into fridge) or use ICE. The Raspberry is weaker than the Blueberry, but you can make it out on the exhale. The mint blends the two berries together as well as cools the whole mix down.


Well, it was fun while it lasted

I took down BOTH my Sothern Virginia Hookah Tribe Groups (on Yahoo and Myspace) - lack of emembership and local interest. There are local hookah smokers, but for some reason they tend to hide... I have a good reason to understand why some do.. (bad people, shame on you), but still.


By the way, the 1st contest, "Design-a-Hookah", on Hookah Pro is over. The voting on the entries has begun and I've started on the 2nd contest - Hookah Pop Quiz... but I don't think there are gonna be many entries. I suck :P