Chronic Hookah Quiklite Review

Chronic Hookah Quiklites

Price: 13.99 for 108 - alittle more than my normal run, but cheaper than most other brands of Quiklites I use (Goldens or Coco's).

Appearance: square coals, rough but compact. Dense and stable. Black in color. 1.5" x 1.5" x .75-.50"

Lighting: Can be "violent" throwing sparks, but a lighter will start the coal. Completely burns over in less than 30 second, but does produce a good bit of smoke and smell. (Burn outdoors or with ventilation)

Ash: Light grey and sandy-grit like. Doesn't blow around, in fact can be hard to "ash" at times. Thankfully they don't need frequent ashing until last quarter of life.

Burn Time: about 50-55mins, produces good amount of heat. 2 with windcover will be more than enough for most hookah bowls.

Overall Score: 8 out of 10

A nice "QL" version coal. It does smell quite a bit when lighting (and can be violent at times - not nearly as bad as a Akhla) but produces a good amount of heat for the bang. Cheaper than Coconaras and easier to use, they are a good alternative to naturals when need be.

I did notice than all of the ones I used worked great up until the last 10-15min, the amount of heat they gave off drastically dropped requiring the windcover and lighting a new coal. Yes, that can be expected, but the same amount Exoticas did produce more heat in the last 10-15. Other than this, they worked spectacularly.

I would recommend if you are looking for a quiklite coal, give these a try.