Almost back in the groove....

Almost, the Office fire is under control, things have slowly started to return to normal. I will be doing the videos again VERY SOON.

I recently got a mysterious package with my HookahPro screen name on it, it have several jars of shisha tobacco (From Hookah-Hookah) along with 4 rolls of coals. That made my day! Thanks Sambooka and the nice peeps from Hookah-Hookah. I received:

  • 50g Cranberry
  • 50g Irish Cream (nice and yummie)
  • 50g 7 Spice (smells damn good)
  • 100g Blueberry Pancakes (2nd jar - tastes like Blueberry muffins more than pancakes, but alright)
  • 50g Black Label Lemon
  • 50g Black Label something.... I can't remember
  • 4 rolls of Akhla coals (the FIRESTARTER coals :})

This package just made my week... considering the last 1.5 weeks has sucked MAJORLY.

Anyways..... some news in the video gaming worlds - Got Silent Hill Origins (PS2), Viva Pinta Party Animals (360) and Okami (Wii). Tried to score Wii Fit (5/21/08) but it was sold out EVERYWHERE! So, I'll just wait till the "second round" or the ones who realized it really will cause them to SWEAT figure it out ... and sells theirs - LOL!

Peace for now peeps. More videos soon, I promise! Plus - I WILL MAKE IT BACK TO HOOKAHPRO VERY SOON! PROMISE!!!!