Finally gonna get back to my smoking

I had a trip to FL for work, so I couldn't get any smoking due to I didn't want to get lost trying to find the 1 lounge anywhere near where I was staying and none of my HP pals were close enough to come stop by... bummer :(

But anyways, finally got home and set-up the Froggie to smoke, mixed up some custom shisha - I call it Cinnamon Latte. Very tastie surprisingly, even Trance liked it :) Wanna know what's in it?

50% Al Waha Arbic Coffee
25% Nakhla Cinnamon
25% Al Fakher Vanilla

Mix well, I mean really get your fingers in there and mix that puppy up! I used my Vortex bowl, mostly because I was using 3 Exotica QL's and didn't want it to burn (the AW may get toastie w/ that much heat). Those plus the windcover worked perfectly - lasted about 45-50mins with two people chaining off it.

Very nice and yummie, the mix had the sweet from the AF - the spicy kick from the Nakhla (plus some nicotine buzz) and the background flavor of the AW (as well as the sleepy buzz which really didn't kick in until the last 20 mins or so). The mix was great, we never got the harsh taste coffee flavors can sometimes get, it was lighter and sweet, but nothing compaired to what I normally smoke.

This week I am gonna try to get BACK in the swing of making videos - I still have no clue about editing them, but that hasn't stopped me before... can't be held as an excuse now. My biggest excuse is LACK of TIME.... that and my dig camera is mucking up the sound in the videos, so that means I'm down to JUST the FlipCam... until I replace the Samsung. Oh well, atleast its still better than the Shadow - it's "flims" suck :P

Oh well, until next time - which I am truely hoping isn't that ling - smoke on and peace!