So long and thanks for all the Hookah!

Well, all good things must come to an end and this too has come...

Thanks you everyone for reading my blog and commenting, watching my silly videos, being both mean & nice to me and everything else in between.

Life changes and so must we all. I'm not yet going to delete this blog because it's not that old and does have some good information on it.

One day in the future it may go away.

Untill then, I'll still answer emails, but just so you know, I rarely ever have time to sit down and enjoy this hobbie anymore. The costs have gone up, I don't have time, plus my hubby is trying to smoke, so for his sake I don't much anymore either.

In the famous words of D. Adams...

"So long and thanks for all the fish -> Hookah!"


Finally back in the swing of things...

After a LONG vacation from one of my favorite past-times, I am finally returning to the world of Hookah.

I've placed a new order with Hookah-shisha.com for several 50g boxes of some new brand (Hyponosis) tobacco, some AF Coconut Coals, as well as a new glass base for my MYA QT (which broke over the winter when I tried to use it. The temp of the air was so drastically different from the warmed metal of the stem, it caused the glass to shatter).

So expect some new reviews, possibly new videos, and other general fun from yours truely.


Finally gonna get back to my smoking

I had a trip to FL for work, so I couldn't get any smoking due to I didn't want to get lost trying to find the 1 lounge anywhere near where I was staying and none of my HP pals were close enough to come stop by... bummer :(

But anyways, finally got home and set-up the Froggie to smoke, mixed up some custom shisha - I call it Cinnamon Latte. Very tastie surprisingly, even Trance liked it :) Wanna know what's in it?

50% Al Waha Arbic Coffee
25% Nakhla Cinnamon
25% Al Fakher Vanilla

Mix well, I mean really get your fingers in there and mix that puppy up! I used my Vortex bowl, mostly because I was using 3 Exotica QL's and didn't want it to burn (the AW may get toastie w/ that much heat). Those plus the windcover worked perfectly - lasted about 45-50mins with two people chaining off it.

Very nice and yummie, the mix had the sweet from the AF - the spicy kick from the Nakhla (plus some nicotine buzz) and the background flavor of the AW (as well as the sleepy buzz which really didn't kick in until the last 20 mins or so). The mix was great, we never got the harsh taste coffee flavors can sometimes get, it was lighter and sweet, but nothing compaired to what I normally smoke.

This week I am gonna try to get BACK in the swing of making videos - I still have no clue about editing them, but that hasn't stopped me before... can't be held as an excuse now. My biggest excuse is LACK of TIME.... that and my dig camera is mucking up the sound in the videos, so that means I'm down to JUST the FlipCam... until I replace the Samsung. Oh well, atleast its still better than the Shadow - it's "flims" suck :P

Oh well, until next time - which I am truely hoping isn't that ling - smoke on and peace!


Chronic Hookah Quiklite Review

Chronic Hookah Quiklites

Price: 13.99 for 108 - alittle more than my normal run, but cheaper than most other brands of Quiklites I use (Goldens or Coco's).

Appearance: square coals, rough but compact. Dense and stable. Black in color. 1.5" x 1.5" x .75-.50"

Lighting: Can be "violent" throwing sparks, but a lighter will start the coal. Completely burns over in less than 30 second, but does produce a good bit of smoke and smell. (Burn outdoors or with ventilation)

Ash: Light grey and sandy-grit like. Doesn't blow around, in fact can be hard to "ash" at times. Thankfully they don't need frequent ashing until last quarter of life.

Burn Time: about 50-55mins, produces good amount of heat. 2 with windcover will be more than enough for most hookah bowls.

Overall Score: 8 out of 10

A nice "QL" version coal. It does smell quite a bit when lighting (and can be violent at times - not nearly as bad as a Akhla) but produces a good amount of heat for the bang. Cheaper than Coconaras and easier to use, they are a good alternative to naturals when need be.

I did notice than all of the ones I used worked great up until the last 10-15min, the amount of heat they gave off drastically dropped requiring the windcover and lighting a new coal. Yes, that can be expected, but the same amount Exoticas did produce more heat in the last 10-15. Other than this, they worked spectacularly.

I would recommend if you are looking for a quiklite coal, give these a try.


Al Fakher Golden Grape Review

Al Fakher Golden Grape

Shisha Cut: ultra fine, almost like it was ground. BRIGHT screaming red and beyond drippy (looks like blood).
Hookah Type: MYA QT
Duration: 1.5 hour (+/-)
Bowl: MYA
Foil / Screen: foil + windcover
Coal / Amount: 1 Akhla QL (2-3 total per session)
Smoke: thick & puffy
Buzz: none

Smell / Flavor: Smell – Sweet grape or something similar to Grape Bubble Yum. Taste – Realistic grape with slight sweetness and sometimes a faint bitterness (described as the skin taste).

Score: 7.5-8

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOFyOUaJnDE

Not quite the Al Fakher standard Grape, this is a more realistic grape taste, with a slight sweetness instead of a candy taste. Thankfully doesn’t suffer the same fate as the standard line grape (no rotten smell/taste) and alittle more pricy than the normal stuff, but a nice break from the overly sweet candy flavors out there.

Note: This stuff (new AF cut) has SO MUCH glycerin in it that it colored the base water. If the water changes color it has dripped ALL THE WAY DOWN the stem. It’s gonna me a MESS to clean. I recommend using a Phunnel type bowl with this stuff.

Al Waha Banana Split Review

Al Waha Banana Split

Shisha Cut: med to course, med brown and drippy. Less stems than normal.
Hookah Type: 27” Syrain
Duration: 1hr 15min to 1hr 30min
Bowl: shallow E bowl
Foil / Screen: HD foil + windcover
Coal / Amount: 3 – 1” Exoticas
Smoke: med to thick
Buzz: typical Al Waha sleepy buzz - Med to HEAVY

Smell / Flavor: Smell – Smelt yummie, a mix of chocolate, strawberry and vanilla. No banana. Taste – Total opposite of the smell: no chocolate, no strawberry, rather cherry with undertones of vanilla and banana based on COLA. So basically a Cherry Cola.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LMoUBwze40Y

Rating (1 to 10): 7-7.5

Other than it’s NOT Banana Split, it’s a decent smoke. Alarming if you were expecting the taste to be like the smell, but overall alright. If you like Cherry Cola, I can recommend this flavor, but if you wanted a realistic Banana Split pass this over.

Can be slightly heat sensitive, so watch things.

Al Waha Memories Review

Al Waha Memories

Shisha Cut: med to course, med to dark brown. Drippy.
Hookah Type: 27" Syrian
Duration: 45-55 min
Bowl: mod bowl
Foil / Screen: foil + windcover
Coal / Amount: 2 – 1.5” Stargate
Smoke: Thick
Buzz: typical Al Waha sleepy buzz - Med to HEAVY

Smell / Flavor: Smell – Sweet and fruity, with a light liquorish undertone (and a hint of mint). Taste – Sweet fruity taste with mild anise flavor, but hard to pin-point the actual fruit part. Fellow smoker suggested it might be figs.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5_Hzt1wcuE

Rating (1 to 10): 6-7

Overall nice flavor, although hard to figure out what it was trying to taste like. It’s good, just not my cup o’tea in terms of flavor. One of the stranger smokes I’ve gone thru. One small side note, this flavor does coat the mouth and tongue, not a bad thing – adds to the appeal, just it does.