Al Fakher Golden Grape Review

Al Fakher Golden Grape

Shisha Cut: ultra fine, almost like it was ground. BRIGHT screaming red and beyond drippy (looks like blood).
Hookah Type: MYA QT
Duration: 1.5 hour (+/-)
Bowl: MYA
Foil / Screen: foil + windcover
Coal / Amount: 1 Akhla QL (2-3 total per session)
Smoke: thick & puffy
Buzz: none

Smell / Flavor: Smell – Sweet grape or something similar to Grape Bubble Yum. Taste – Realistic grape with slight sweetness and sometimes a faint bitterness (described as the skin taste).

Score: 7.5-8

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JOFyOUaJnDE

Not quite the Al Fakher standard Grape, this is a more realistic grape taste, with a slight sweetness instead of a candy taste. Thankfully doesn’t suffer the same fate as the standard line grape (no rotten smell/taste) and alittle more pricy than the normal stuff, but a nice break from the overly sweet candy flavors out there.

Note: This stuff (new AF cut) has SO MUCH glycerin in it that it colored the base water. If the water changes color it has dripped ALL THE WAY DOWN the stem. It’s gonna me a MESS to clean. I recommend using a Phunnel type bowl with this stuff.

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