Al Waha African Kiwi

Al Waha African Kiwi

Set-up: 27" Syrian, mod bowl w/ foil, modification for 2 hoses
Coals: (1) 40mm Golden, (1) 33mm 3King, (2) Sultan Silver tabs
Base: 10" Bohemian w/ cool water

Taste: sweet fruity, kiwi tasting. Long lasting, went thru 2 hours with little to no loss of taste.
Smell: Sweet fruit - kiwi. Mouth watering in my opinion.
Smoke: Med to thick. Tended to be MED for most of the time, did get a couple of good clouds.
Duration: 2 hours, about 1/3rd of bowl unburnt when gave up.
Buzz: Typical Al Waha for me, BF only got buzz when dragging thru both hoses - he's a ciggy smoker, I'm not.

Score: 8/10

It was a nice flavor, sweet and tasty. Good duration, only got harsh once (BF moved coals, not me). About 1 hour in, BF mod'ed stem to add second hose (removed smoke valve & jammed on end of mod hose w/out wooden tip). Good smoke. Glad I bought a tub, will try mixing it with either strawberry liquor, juice or shisha.


Shisha Mixes - Orange Smoothie & Sour Grape

Orange Smoothie

  • 50% Al Waha Orange
  • 35% Al Waha Vanilla
  • 15% Tangier's Vanilla
Mix well, I mean break it all apart and stir it up with your fingers for about 5 min. You shouldn't be able to spot the Tangier's when your done. Place it in a air-tight container and let it sit for at least 3 hours.

Heat Management: Don't place direct heat. Start with 1 coal broken in half, then add more (another 1/2) in about 20-30 min. Too much heat will make it harsh.

Taste: Sweet candy orange with undercurrent of vanilla. The vanilla is more to smooth out the sweetness of the Orange. Try mixing it with some "Mixed Fruit" Al Waha or Nakhla for sweeter fruit kick. Taste lasted until end - 1.5 hours.

7/10 for taste, 6/10 for thickness of smoke

Sour Grape

  • 60% Al Waha Grape
  • 40% Rommans Lemon
Mix well, use your fingers. Can use straight away or store in air-tight container.

Heat Management: Don't place direct heat. Can take 1 coal straight (non-broken) but better to break then add more.

Taste: Lemon at first, upon exhale you pick up a sour grape taste. Reminds me of sour warheads. Taste lasted till end of bowl - 55 min.

8/10 for taste, 8/10 for thickness of smoke

Shisha Brands - Local

There are tons of different types or brands of shisha on the market. Unfortunately depending on where you live, you may have to purchase most of them online. Most local shops in my area seem to carry a few brands: Al Amir, Nakhla, Havana, and Al Waha.

Al Amir is a replacement for the Al Waha in town. I like Al Waha, it's a good flavored shisha, well priced and they have a good buzz to them. A very good starter shisha. But Al Amir... isn't worth the money in my view. We bought 6 (50g) sample packs, from 3 different vendors in town. All of the flavors smelled different, very tasty is most cases, but when burnt they all TASTED the same. General bland "fruit" taste, even the mint! I was highly disappointed, since ALMOST ALL LOCAL stores carry this brand now instead of Al Waha. There's only 1 store that carries any Al Waha, but thankfully they had the new flavors. Next payday I'm heading back to that shop for some Orange Dream, African Dream, and hopefully they'll have After Nine.

Nakhla is a higher grade shisha, not meant for the beginner. It has a stronger buzz and can be harsh if you don't know how to "heat manage" it. I've tried their 2 Apple and a few other flavors back when I started smoking my hookah. I wasn't impressed and quickly switched to Al Waha. But just last week when in one of the best tobacco shops in town, I noticed they had several new flavors of Nakhla I hadn't seen before. Cocomint, Mango, and many more. I picked up the Nakhla Cocomint (250g for $6.99 + tax) and to my great surprise it was good. The buzz was still there, but never once did I get the harsh smoke. Perhaps it's because I've learned more things since my last try, but I think that I'm gonna have to give Nakhla another try.

Hello and good morning!

Well, let me start off things with a good day and an introduction about what the heck I'm gonna be going on in this lovely little blog o'mine.

I am a hookah smoker. Now, get all past associations out of your dirty little minds and listen up. Hookahs are a type of water pipe that is used for burning a special type of flavored TOBACCO called Shisha (also referred as nargile and molasses).

It is NOT a drug device. Unfortunately people have used it for that, making many people automatically tie the two together and give it a generally "downward" connotation in the modern mind.

In many Middle-Eastern countries, Hookah smoking is a normal past-time, enjoyed by many, both young and old, men and women alike. In this modern age, due the fact people can move across the globe so easily (as well as research just about anything on the internet), the hookah pipe has followed them and been introduced.

Now, even if you have never smoked a cigarette in your life, hookah smoking is possible for you to enjoy. I don't typically smoke ciggy's, they make me cough and taste horrible. But, I do enjoy smoking my hookah. The design of the pipe allows the smoke to be filtered through the water contained in the base. Not only is it filtered down, but also cooled down, so it can be inhaled. The taste of shisha can differer widely from simple tobacco, fruit, candy, nuts and much more.

Although there is a small chance of second-hand smoke, most of the smoke is consumed by the person(s) smoking the hookah. Hookahs can range in size from 14" all the way up to 7 feet! The standard hookah normally ranges between 21" to 30", and will have anywhere from 1 hose all the way up to 6 hoses. Modern hookahs can use a variety of different materials from steel, brass, plastic, and more.

Typical modern hookahs are made up of a stem, base, bowl, and hose. The set-up is basically the same, even if the overall appearance is different. Assembly and usage is also the same. It may take some time to get used to the smoke, but it's a great activity if you have a bunch of friends that smoke.

Alittle good food, yummie shisha, and good company, what more could you ask for?