Shisha Brands - Local

There are tons of different types or brands of shisha on the market. Unfortunately depending on where you live, you may have to purchase most of them online. Most local shops in my area seem to carry a few brands: Al Amir, Nakhla, Havana, and Al Waha.

Al Amir is a replacement for the Al Waha in town. I like Al Waha, it's a good flavored shisha, well priced and they have a good buzz to them. A very good starter shisha. But Al Amir... isn't worth the money in my view. We bought 6 (50g) sample packs, from 3 different vendors in town. All of the flavors smelled different, very tasty is most cases, but when burnt they all TASTED the same. General bland "fruit" taste, even the mint! I was highly disappointed, since ALMOST ALL LOCAL stores carry this brand now instead of Al Waha. There's only 1 store that carries any Al Waha, but thankfully they had the new flavors. Next payday I'm heading back to that shop for some Orange Dream, African Dream, and hopefully they'll have After Nine.

Nakhla is a higher grade shisha, not meant for the beginner. It has a stronger buzz and can be harsh if you don't know how to "heat manage" it. I've tried their 2 Apple and a few other flavors back when I started smoking my hookah. I wasn't impressed and quickly switched to Al Waha. But just last week when in one of the best tobacco shops in town, I noticed they had several new flavors of Nakhla I hadn't seen before. Cocomint, Mango, and many more. I picked up the Nakhla Cocomint (250g for $6.99 + tax) and to my great surprise it was good. The buzz was still there, but never once did I get the harsh smoke. Perhaps it's because I've learned more things since my last try, but I think that I'm gonna have to give Nakhla another try.

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