Shisha Mixes - Orange Smoothie & Sour Grape

Orange Smoothie

  • 50% Al Waha Orange
  • 35% Al Waha Vanilla
  • 15% Tangier's Vanilla
Mix well, I mean break it all apart and stir it up with your fingers for about 5 min. You shouldn't be able to spot the Tangier's when your done. Place it in a air-tight container and let it sit for at least 3 hours.

Heat Management: Don't place direct heat. Start with 1 coal broken in half, then add more (another 1/2) in about 20-30 min. Too much heat will make it harsh.

Taste: Sweet candy orange with undercurrent of vanilla. The vanilla is more to smooth out the sweetness of the Orange. Try mixing it with some "Mixed Fruit" Al Waha or Nakhla for sweeter fruit kick. Taste lasted until end - 1.5 hours.

7/10 for taste, 6/10 for thickness of smoke

Sour Grape

  • 60% Al Waha Grape
  • 40% Rommans Lemon
Mix well, use your fingers. Can use straight away or store in air-tight container.

Heat Management: Don't place direct heat. Can take 1 coal straight (non-broken) but better to break then add more.

Taste: Lemon at first, upon exhale you pick up a sour grape taste. Reminds me of sour warheads. Taste lasted till end of bowl - 55 min.

8/10 for taste, 8/10 for thickness of smoke

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