Al Waha African Kiwi

Al Waha African Kiwi

Set-up: 27" Syrian, mod bowl w/ foil, modification for 2 hoses
Coals: (1) 40mm Golden, (1) 33mm 3King, (2) Sultan Silver tabs
Base: 10" Bohemian w/ cool water

Taste: sweet fruity, kiwi tasting. Long lasting, went thru 2 hours with little to no loss of taste.
Smell: Sweet fruit - kiwi. Mouth watering in my opinion.
Smoke: Med to thick. Tended to be MED for most of the time, did get a couple of good clouds.
Duration: 2 hours, about 1/3rd of bowl unburnt when gave up.
Buzz: Typical Al Waha for me, BF only got buzz when dragging thru both hoses - he's a ciggy smoker, I'm not.

Score: 8/10

It was a nice flavor, sweet and tasty. Good duration, only got harsh once (BF moved coals, not me). About 1 hour in, BF mod'ed stem to add second hose (removed smoke valve & jammed on end of mod hose w/out wooden tip). Good smoke. Glad I bought a tub, will try mixing it with either strawberry liquor, juice or shisha.

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