Nargile Club package!

Today my package from Smiley's came - a whole freaking day early! How freaking sweet! I ripped it open and checked, everything is fine. The Smiley bowl is kick-a$$, the MYA hose, although has a smaller head than I like, is still rocking! And the shisha - smells divine!

According to what I've read on the HF, I need to "freeze the shisha for 1-3 hours, then allow it to accumulate before smoking" - not sure, what hey, what harm can it do? *crosses fingers*

So I need to go to the Post for the rent MO's, so I'll drop it in there (the freezer) before I go, that way by the time I'm back, it should be ready to come out and chill.
Got back, packed everything up and smoked it. I think I had too much heat - it was good, but could have been better. I love the bowl! You can watch the smoke getting drawn thru it - how freaking sweet! I have to learn how to manage the heat better w/ the glass - I burnt it.

I also love the hose - so easy to drawn thru, I would like a longer handle, but it works. :)

PS: Bullet Witch kicks a$$. Traded in Lost Planet for it. Happy GamerChik!

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