Tip of the Day

When trying out new bowl heads, always use "cheaper" brands of shisha.

I just got my Smiley bowl yesterday. I did everything I had read about setting it up and everything! And low and behold.... I still burnt the shisha! BLARG! Nasty.... oh well, you have to learn the hard way sometimes. I really do love the bowl, the way the smoke moves thru it as you draw is sweet, but I'm thinking the phunnel w/ mod may be better in the long run.

I think I might try some Al Waha tonight, if my head will behave itself. I've been sick and smoking isn't something that will spead up my recovery. The BF thinks it might be making me sick - BS, but it probably ain't helping - see kids, not being a real smoker can hurt at times (And no, that doesn't mean go out and BECOME one either)

Neither is video games... I only got less than 1 hour on Viva Pinata last night - the ULTRA bright colors was killing my head and I just couldn't stare at them any longer. Hopefull it will ease off tonight becasue I really do want to get some game time in... hell, I really want to play OKAMI - I still haven't finished it!

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