Strawberry kiwi mix

Shisha: 70% Al Waha Kiwi and 30% Layalina Strawberry; layered not mixed, kiwi on bottom.
Bowl: Smiley glass bowl
Coals: (2.5) 33mm 3 Kings
Base: Chilled water
Hookah: 33" Egyptian w/ washable hose

Taste: A+ - once I got the shisha to heat, it was wonderful. I layered the shisha instead of mixing it, Kiwi on the bottom. Yummie - every once and awhile, you got a strong hit of strawberry.

Smoke: Med

Duration: 55min before my stupid butt knocked the hookah over and burnt me, the sofa and the carpet.

Lesson Learned: Don't put the damn hookah on the FLOOR near the sofa!

Shisha Score: 9/10 - good, with slight buzz. Excellent taste.

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