Decent Weekend...

Got some MAJOR Viva Pinata time in this weekend! 5 new levels and 4 new achivements! Super happy am I! Started a new garden, working on aquatic pinatas as I need some of them to get the Sours tame (name: Lazria's Sour Garden).

Did hookah everyday this weekend... Friday, Sat, and Sunday! BF accutally wanted to smoke last night - WOW, it's been ages since he wanted to. Did two bowls with him, some Havana Cappuccino and then alittle Tangier's Juicy Peach. Nice... yummie, watched some movies - all in all, a good night!

Figured out HOW to use the Smiley bowl. I gave up on the glass screen, it just kept burning the shisha and I couldn't get the heat right no matter what I tried (either too much or not enough!), so I gave up on the glass screen. The bowl works fine with standard hookah foil (or normal foil).

But, our old washable hose finally bit the big one. On Saturday I noticed ALOT of suff coming from the hose, I gave up and got my new MYA... BF tried it last night (it's his hose) and got the same thing. Gave up - tossed it aside. Tonight I'll work on tearing it apart for the handle and then on Payday hit the store for some new tuning. BUT... as new needed a new hose, I used a Discount code for a new vendor (to me atleast, been around for a bit) Hookah-hookah.com. Got me free shipping, so I ordered:
  • Lime Green Washable hose = $10
  • (5) 50g jars of Hookah-hookah brand shisha in Lemonaide, Mocha, Chocolate, Mango and Aci Berry (supposed to taste like blueberry pie) = $12.95
  • (1) 50g package of Layalina Coconut = $2.95

Total = $25.70 (saved about $8 in shipping)

Not bad, not bad at all. Let's see if it will get here this week - it would be nice, but hey - beggars can't be picky. It would nice to have it by Thursday... as that is my B-day, but I can wait. :)

I was hoping my MNHookah order would come thru this week, I ordered it on the 25th of last month, so they should be getting in my Phunnel shortly - I hope so.... I need it for the Tangiers badly!

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