Havana Cappuccino Review

Havana Cappuccino

Set-up: 33" Egyptian
Bowl: Clear smiley w/ foil
Base: Iced water
Hose: new MYA washable
Coal: (3) 40mm Golden broken in quarters - 2 to 3 pieces @ a time

Cut: Med cut, dark brown in color, decent juice.
Smell: Coffee. You can’t mistake it, Coffee.
Taste: Like you are smoking some coffee. At times it can be too strong, adjust the heat (remove coals or move them around) and it will back down to normal coffee again. Taste lasted whole time, with no burnt taste/smell.
Smoke: Med to thick.
Buzz: Slight. I got a buzz, BF didn’t (he’s a ciggy smoker)
Time: 1hr 30min

Score: 7/10 – If you like coffee, it’s great. For me, it’s too strong. I enjoy fruity flavors better, but my BF absolutely loves it. I would recommend to at least try it, it’s worth the search & money.

Alternate Shisha Mix:
Add some mint or chocolate shisha for a dessert-like shisha. Great for after dinner smoking.

Alternate Base Mix:
White Russian: 4 oz milk, 2 oz Kailua, 1 oz vodka – Chill in freezer or add ice.Will add some creamy taste and some buzz to the taste. Evens the taste out to something more like a iced latte.

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