Hoookah-Hookah Hazelnut Review

Hoookah-Hookah Hazelnut

Shisha Cut: fine, no stems. Dark brown, slightly sticky and wet.

Hookah Type: 30" syrain

Duration: 45-50min

Bowl: glass

Foil / Screen: foil

Coal / Amount: 2 (33m) goldens, broken in half - 1 @ a time

Smoke: med to thick

Buzz: slight to mild

Smell / Flavor: smelt very nutty, strong and life-like. Was mouth-wateringly real. Taste was very similar to smell, strong, nutty and interesting.

Rating (1 to 10): 8

Probably one of the best Hookah-Hookah flavors I've smoked so far - true tasting, strong and for HH, long lasting. I was doing large pulls and it still lasted 45-50 mins.

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