Starbuzz - Not so Premuim in my Eyes

So, I've finally scored me some Starbuzz: Irish Cream, Peach and Chocolate Mint. Been smoking all three flavors, several different times, with completely different set-ups each time. Even used 3 different hookahs.

My verdict? Not worth the money.


It appears to be quite heat sensative. No matter what I do or try (different coals, bowls and covers) I only get a good smoke for 45-55 mins before it starts to taste "burnt". At this point, I have to remove the foil/screen and scrape away the burnt shisha, then either add more fresh or stir the remaining up. Re-foil/screen and smoke as if I was starting from scratch.

Plus, the cut of the shisha and amount of stems - ridiculous. Al Waha has less stems than Starbuzz!

This stuff and Hookah-Hookah, are the only two shishas that this seems to occur. HH is, in my opinion only, a lower end shisha. It's good if you can't handle the nicotine buzz on most brands, but even compared to Al Waha, it's weak. And it doesn't last long, smoking.

Starbuzz flavors are nice, the Peach is freaking great - but in my eyes - not worth the $20 price tag. Fusion, Layalina, and Al Fakher all have very good taste, smoke and are proven shisha - I never have had a bad smoke with any of them. Starbuzz is good... but too picky.

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