Pharaoh Exotic Peach Review

Brand and Flavor: Pharaoh Exotic Peach

Shisha Cut: med w/ stems, light to med brown in color. Drippy (when mixed).

Hookah Type: 27" Syrian, 17" Modern, 22" Egyptian

Duration: 1hr to 2hr

Bowl: glass, standard clay, deep clay

Foil / Screen: foil (all)

Coal / Amount: (2) 33m goldens (broken), (2) 1-1.5" Dinamite Natural Fingers

Smoke: thick

Buzz: med to heavy (don't chimney)

Smell / Flavor: Smell was awesome! Sweet yummie peachy goodness. Mouthwatering! Taste was the same - peachy goodness. Alittle on the sweet side, but not overpoweringly so. Very good and long lasting taste.

Rating (1 to 10): 9.5-10

Possibly my Absolute number 1 shisha flavor I've smoked yet. This even out ranked SB White Peach, but only due to price rather than any flaw w/ the shisha itself. Wonderful yummie peach smell & taste - well worth the 10$ price tag.

This can easily be smoked for and hour plus, even if you "smoke the hell out of it". The taste lasts till the last minuet and by the time it goes "burnt" you know it's done and over with.

One thing of note - do not underpack the bowl. For best results, do a normal packing (atleast 3/4'er of the bowl) to get the best life and smoke out of the shisha. Too little will give you less smoke and start to burn early.

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