Pimp Your Hookah order

Well, I finally got my order from Pimp your hookah yesterday. Ordered on the 16, it was shipped out the 20, arrived on the 29th and sat at the post office until the 30th.

I feel bad for making such a small order (and uninvertently taking advangae of his free shipping deal), but I wanted to see how good he was (reopening his shop) and I wanted some SB & Layalina.

Starbuzz 100g Sample pack w/ 1k Starbuzz Coals
(White Peach, X on the Beach, and Marlette)
Blue Med Base Protector
Layalina Blueberry (250g)

Went to pick up the box, the ladies there had a good giggle over the "Pimp Your Hookah" sticker on the top/bottom of the box (which I suggest NOT doing in the future). The tapes up edges were coated in a "dark grainy" material from the inside, but otherwise the box was intact.

Opened, was surprised at the 100g tins of the SB, got 2 Base Protectors (ordered and a red one) and the Layalina was good too. The SB coals where in a box, that was stuck in the outer box - i ripped it trying to get it out. Found out the coal dust was from the ripped inner plastic bag, but there wasn't much he could have done about that.

SB smells great. So does the Layalina Blueberry... the coal is standard NATURAL lump coal, but some of the chuncks are freaking HUGE - as big as my hand! I've got to find a container for it.

Other that the coal dust everywhere and the lack of tracking number (which an email took care of), it was a good experience. I'll probably order from him again in the future - his prices for Layalina and Al Fakher are great, plus he offers various great deals!

Also got a package from Sambooka of Hookah Pro - he just sent back the hose covers I made too short, but enlcosed a 250g box of Nahkla Peach - which was very good, although not a true peach taste, more of a necturine or apricot, but tastie never the less. Video reviews this weekend.

Mahir from Nazar Hookah will be back from his vacation soon, so I'll get my Nammors and AW Orange Cream very soon - :) me so happy!

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