Yeah - my Hookah is here!

Came home yesterday to a notice in the mail that my Hookah is sitting in the Post! Dammn! Well, I get to pick it up today after work - I can't freaking wait!

Spent almost an hour showing and explaining what a "hookah" was to several fellows at work - they understand now I've shown them a picture of what I was talking about, but at first they had the typical reaction to hearing the word - HOOKAH. I wish that people would get the idea that it's a drug related item OUT OF THEIR HEADS! *sigh*

Since I also have a shisha order coming (hopefully tomorrow according the the web site) I needed to pick up some more containers and shuffle around some things. Word of advice - DO NOT BUY DOLLAR STORE TUBS! They aren't air-tight... 3 different shisha were getting dried out - I went to Wallie and picked up some Zip Lock brand ones, much better!

On the game front - finally picked up a copy of God of War 2! Got it used for 35$ - not too bad! Now I have an excuse to turn my PS2 back on, it hasn't been used since Feb, give or take. I really need to finish Okami - I love that game!

Well, tonight I get to enjoy the new hookah, play some video games, and maybe go bowling - we bought 4 used balls (for $17 - 3 included bags)! I need to get one filled & redrilled, the finger/thumb holes are too small, but I'm happy overall!

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