Fusion Mango Raspberry Review

Brand and Flavor: Fusion Mango Raspberry

Shisha Cut: Medium, flaky. Some stems, small & thin. Red in color and very wet.

Hookah Type: Syrian, 2-hose Engineer

Duration: 2 hr

Bowl: Mod Combo

Foil / Screen: Screen

Coal / Amount: 4 total, Golden (33mm)

Smoke: Thick

Buzz: Slight to mild

Smell / Flavor: Smell was sweet raspberry with a touch of something else, I have to assume the Mango. Very pleasant. Taste - I mostly could taste the Raspberry, but every once and awhile, would pull a distinct Mango taste. Nice and juicy, sweet but not overly so.

Rating (1 to 10): 9

I bought Fusion because I wanted some different flavors than AF currently offered. This one (Mango Raspberry) is a very pleasant surprise. Nice fruity taste and smell (not overly sweet - true fruit taste), good smoke and only a slight buzz (don't chimney it). Handles heat well, even after the 1st hour and it had burnt to the metal screen I was using, I just scrapped off the burnt stuff, put on a new coal and went for another 45min.

Highly recommend!

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