Last call for Shisha!

Today, my bad little fingers lead me back to Hookah Company and finally got a shisha order in!
  • 250g Al Fakher Coconut
  • 50g Al Fakher Mint (they where out of 250g tubs)
  • 250g Layalina Peach
  • 250g Fusion Mango Raspberry
  • 250g Fusion Chocolate Strawberry

Grand total w/ discount and shipping = $57

Not too bad, although in the last 2 days I've spent nearly $177 in hookah related items. This is "last Call" for hookah for the next 4-6 month! Unless I run out of coals, break something, or need a staple shisha, no more!

I have several high dollar items I need to work towards: a car, a wedding, a new mattress...

Life's little things, you know?

But it's all good... I made a list of the stuff I have at home... OMG, I have enough to stock a small army with tobacco for several weeks. Too bad I don't know more "Hookah Lovers"....

Both my MySpace group and Yahoo group are still empty and unloved. Other than a few friends - nobody I know smokes Hookahs! *big sigh*

Oh well, more reviews when everything gets in and enjoyed!

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