New Hookah

Today I placed my order with Nazarhookah to purchase a new hookah - Engineer Double Hose Hookah in Blue and Gold. Along with a box of coals, shipping and discount, everything ran me about $122. Very nice! I've been talking with the owner, Mahir, for a bit about getting this and finally had the funds to jump for it! Thanks so much Mahir!

I am SO PUMPED! :)

I want to order some more shisha too, but kinda low on funds until the PayPal gets transffered into my bank account. I sold my old cell on Ebay - I got my upgrade last week. Made a nice penny - it was enough to allow me to get my hookah in confort instead of pinching the purse strings.

My next order will probably be more AF flavors: Strawberry, Coconut and Mint. I also want some Layalina Peach - it's been awhile since I've had an good peach and I miss it so. Also *crosses finges* may have bought some Starbuzz Chocolate Mint from a Forum member and another Pro member said he's send me a sample of "X On The Beach". I think I'm gonna send him some Kashmir Peach (which I can't smoke due to it's strength and I puke) becasue he's never had any. It's nice to have friends in smoky places ;}

More when the order comes in.... now it's the hardest part...waiting!

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