Hookah-Hookah Mocha Review

Hookah-Hookah Mocha

Shisha Cut: fine, no stems. Wet, not drippy - damp.

Hookah Type: 27" Syrain, 17" Modern

Duration: bwt 30-55 min

Bowl: standard

Foil / Screen: foil

Coal / Amount: (2) Japan ST

Smoke: med to thick

Buzz: none

Smell / Flavor: Smelt like strong black coffee. Tasted just the same, no sweetness there. Kinda strong (but less than Al Fakher Capp).

Rating (1 to 10): 7

If you like strong, non-sweet shisha, this is one of them. Good taste, strong. I didn't like it as much as my BF did, but it was less harsh than AF's Capp. Too much heat burns it and gives nasty aftertaste.

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