Hookah-Hookah Lemonaide Review

Hookah-Hookah Lemonaide

Set-up: 27" Syrian

Bowl: standard w/ foil
Base: Iced base and cold water
Hose: mya hose
Coal: 1 (33m) 3 King broken in half

Cut: Fine cut, brown tobacco. Semi dry and fluffy.
Smell: Just like lemonaide. Slightly tart smelling (sour).

Taste: At first, strange lemony taste, but then picked up and really tasted like lemonaide. Slightly sweet and tart all at the same time. Could be strong at times.
Smoke: Medium to Heavy
Buzz: none
Time: 50 min

Score: 8/10 – Although a short smoke, it was a good smoke. One of the better HH shishas I’ve smoked. Very surprised at the strength of the taste – great! Should mix well with other flavors (grape, mint, peach, strawberry, ect) TIP: Clean your stem & hose before smoking ANYTHING else, otherwise it will taste like Lemonaide :)

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