Happy Birthday to me...

Found out my MNHookah order has been processed. According to the email, it should be shipped today! Alittle late for my B-day, but better than nothing, you know?

Got my Hookah-Hookah order yesterday. All items accounted for and intact. Loving the lime green hose - matches Trance's green frosted base perfectly! The Coconut Layalina smells lovely - the Hookah-Hookah shisha smelt good too.

Visited the best tobacco store in town yesterday. They are the only place in town that carries Nakhla, Al Waha, and descent hookahs. Asked if he could get in some Al Waha After Nine and Bounty, since Trance figured "Orange Dream - Orange/Vanilla" may not taste great. He said he was placing an order that day - SWEET! Hopefully he'll be able to get some nice shisha and I won't have to spend so much ordering online. He has some nice little hookahs - showed them to Trance and explained these where the ones from the site (www.buildahooka.com) - same price, but he had them THERE so no shipping. Much better in my view!

He also told me that Croc's (local place that allows hookahs) was supposedly still doing their Hookahs - I told him the had just checked their website and it said that on May 1st, 2007 they were becoming a "smoke free" place, with a small outdoor patio for smokers. He said he talked to a customer who was there a few days ago... Hum, I may have to call them and see what's up.

But, back to the reason for visiting the shop - Trance wanted some Nakhla Zaguoul (250g for $6.99) *shutter*. He's a big ciggy smoker and really doesn't like typical shisha. Never enough smoke or nicotine for his tastes, he'll light up a ciggy while hitting a hookah! We got home and I set him a up a bowl (after I washed everything and set up my hookah - OH HELL NO, I ain't smoking that stuff!)

He puffed it and coughed... COUGHED! LOL! He said it was't too strong, tasted like cigars and left his throat burning alittle. I smiled at him and said, "Told you so" - he must like it. After I went to bed, he rest up another bowl and smoked while watching movies. Hey, each to their own - I "tasted" it, nope - not my cup of tea. He likes it, ok.

This morning, since I want some of the After Nine & Bounty now, plus need some more coals, I ordered some stuff from Hookah Company. Hopefully everything will go fine, just like all my other orders.

  1. 250g Al Waha After Nine - $8.95

  2. 250g Al Waha Bounty - $8.95

  3. Smiley's Coconut Coals - $6.95 (1.5 pound bag)

With discount and shipping, everything came up just under $29 US, not too shabby.

And just so you know... After Nine is a minty chocolate shisha, Bounty is Coconut Chocolate, and Smiley's coals are great for various reasons: they burn HOT, they last a long time, and to put them out, dunk in water - dry out - AND REUSE! Can't beat that!

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