Orders coming in!

Oh happy day! I got BOTH of my orders in last night! The shisha, coals, and phunnel w/ mod! What glorious day! I set-up the phunnel w/ some of the Bounty shisha - devine! The cocoshell coals are great too. The phunnel I need pratice with, but I'll get it.

After I smoked some of the Bounty, I tried to set-up a bowl of Tangier's Kiwi - but happie little boy Trance wanted PIZZA and since I'm the one with alittle of money... quess who had to come... crap! Wasted a whole bowl of shisha on his worthless bum!

Oh and he's complaining about the Tangier's. He can't smoke it - he can smoke Zag, but not Tang? WTHeck? I can smoke Tangier's and I don't ciggy smoke! He's the biggest puss at times.


Have a LARGE shisha order planned in the future. I know now some of the flavors I like, so I need to buy them in larger sizes (mostly because I'm almost out on some). Trance likes non-sweet flavors, so I have to get him something he'd use too.

250g Havana or Al Fak Cappacino
250g Layalina Peach
250g Tangier's Kasmir Peach
250g Pharo's French Vallina
150g Smiley's Sexy Horshca

Hookah-Shisha.com has Al Fak, Tangiers and Layalina, but MNHookah.com has everything (although they have Havana no Al Fak). It will run about $60 +/- for that order, but it will be worth it in the long run. Fine premuim shisha to sit back and enjoy... Laz will be a happy gurl.


And let's not forget the gaming front: Just got a PM from BigSheep that the WC should be sitting in my "mailbox" when I log in next! How freaking sweet is this!

But it never fails... our internet has been out since Sunday.... and now I think the router is dead as well. Crap (on a stick)! Cable provider told me to leave the modem upplugged till tomorrow... so we'll see if everything is working then.

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