Nimbus Hookah Lounge Part 2

Nimbus Hookah Lounge
Providence Square Shopping Center
1005 Kempsville Road
Virginia Beach, VA 23464
Hours: 4pm to 3am

Ok, got up with two friends and headed over to the new place. Little shop, next to a Chinese restaurant, be careful you might drive by it (BadJuju spotted it). They had a sign out front stating their "Special" of the day - Black Grape. Nice :)

So inside we go and it's a nice, simply laid out place. Large sofas line the front, a few tables and chairs toward the back. Some extra seating tucked away and coffee tables scattered around. The walls had some nice ethic artwork/hangings, plus they had a kick-arse fountain inside.

They had a good collection of hookahs - some syrians, a few MYA's, mostly Egyptians and some moderns. They were offering to sell some of them, but not many (for now). They said they also sold hoses, but were currently out of extras for purchase. Always nice to know ;}

Now on to the important part: the shisha }:)

They offered 4 brands: Nakhla, Al Fakher, Layalina, and Starbuzz. They have a good selection of flavors for each brands, Starbuzz having the largest selection. Prices ranged from $10.95 for Nakhla to $14.95 for Starbuzz. The cool thing (we found out later) was the price was for the first bowl (or the hookah) and each additional bowl was basically half price. Very nice for people who want to come and chill for a few hours (like we did).

Also, they were using Belguim instant lights - they cooked quickly and didn't smell, provided good heat and did last a good chunk of time. We gave them a few tips to try instead of the BIC lighter - a candle works just as well. They had a coil stove, but didn't use it due to limited bussiness (don't need that many coals at one time).

They were selling some tobacco - only Starbuzz, 200g tubs for $23.95. Alittle pricer than I'm used too, but for a local shop it's a good price. I've seen it as high as $25 locally.

Now, due to VA laws they don't sell "real" food inside. Silly Commonwealth of Virginia... BAD VA! But good thing, they do sell snacks (chips, cookies, candy) and bottled drinks/water. Always a plus! Plus, if you are starving - head next door! Chinese is oh so yummie (next time I plan on hitting that place).

We talked with the woman working there (and later one of the owners, nice fellow)- I will say, she does know how to pack a good bowl (I watched her pack our second one). Offered up some tips, tricks and so on. She sat and chatted with us for awhile, they liked our hoses (I brought my Nammors). :)

All in all, it was a good time. They have some games in there, some nice music playing in the background (mellow) and even a playstation and TV! There was another fellow in there with his laptop, so they are PC friendly as well.

Other than more brands of shisha, a few more hookahs (the one we were using had a small leak), it was a nice overall experience. They are on there way to becoming a nice A+ lounge - they already seem to know a good chunk about what they are doing. We are most definitely coming again!

And of course, now for some smoking pictures

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