New Hookah Lounge in Town

This morning while listening to Tommy & Rumble (WNOR FM 99 - Virginia) and one of the sponsors for their golf thing was a place called Nimbus Hookah Lounge. Well, blow me down - when did this happen? @_@???

A quick Google search provided some answers, they opened just recently - April 22, 2008. They are located at Providence Square Shopping Center (1005 Kempsville Rd, Va Beach, VA) - according to the article, they are open 4pm to 3am, offer 3 different brands of tobacco (Starbuzz for 14.95, Layalina for 12.95 and Nakhla for 10.95) and sell various hookahs. Their phone number is 757-200-6406.

Well, since I LOVE to scout out new local Hookah places, you can bet I made a few phone calls and this evening, me and a friend will be heading over there for some Hookah fun. I ran home and picked up my 2 Nammors and silver mouthtip (I have a cold, if they won't let me use my hoses, I have my own tip). Cell will be charged for pictures and I will give the place a good look-over and full review later. (Maybe even a quick Youtube vid if they allow).

Alittle pricey, but if they offer good service and such not, it will be worth it (So I have a place this side of the water to go and hang with friends - who for some reason WON'T come over and smoke :P).

Peace for now... more later!

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