Starbuzz Passionfruit Mohito Review

Starbuzz Passionfruit Mohito

Shisha Cut: med w/ some stems. Red in color. Drippy.
Hookah Type: MYA QT, 28” 4-hose Egyptian, 22” Egyptian
Duration: between 1 hr 15min to 1 hr 35min
Bowl: standard clay, MYA
Foil / Screen: foil
Coal / Amount: 1.5” Exotica, 2” Stargate, 1.5 Golden QL + windcover each time
Smoke: thick
Buzz: little to none
Smell / Flavor: Smell – light sweet fruit smell w/ faint undercurrent of mint. Taste – exactly as it smells. Lightly sweet fruit (passionfruit I’m guessing) w/ a hint of mint on the exhale.
Video Link: (coming soon)

Rating (1 to 10): 8

This is a great flavor – lightly sweet fruit w/ the lightest hint of mint. Everybody who has tried this has liked it. Produced great smoke, little to no buzz and lasted the entire time it was smoked. One of the few flavors I would give serious consideration of repurchasing.

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