MYA QT Hookah Review

MYA QT Hookah

Price – between $39.95 and $54.99
Hoses – standard 1, can be converted to 2 with adapter
Size – small, only 14” tall
Colors – Smoke, Aqua, Dk Blue, Green, Pink, Red

Ordered from H-S, came with MANY extras: tongs, metal screen, mouthtips, filters, 2 rolls of Golden QL, 2 50g Romman sample packs, hookah cleaning rod, silicon base protector, windcover and wire carrying cage. I also ordered an Auto-Seal adapter to turn it into a 2-hose hookah if & when I wanted. They offer a 2-hoser from the get go, but I wanted the ability to change is from 1 to 2 anytime I want.


  • Small in size, easy to carry around. Came with wire carrying cage that everything will fit into
  • Solid 1 piece cast stem. Appears to be made from brass (?)
  • Purge valve & hose port easily removable
  • Downstem unscrews
  • Glass base is wide for it’s size, thus very stable
  • Will work with MYA hoses or wider hoses (Nammor or Razen) without modification


  • Glass base is problem prone. First base that arrived had hair-line crack along base bottom. Leaked badly. Second base didn’t leak, but was visibly ugly. Air pockets, surface folds and an internal crack mar the beauty of the base.
  • Stem is hollow, heart is a common chamber
  • Auto-seal system (hose adapter) works… but only when 2 A-S adapters are purchased.
  • Hose grommet is SMALL and different shaped than typical. Hard to fit in normal grommet.
  • Bowl grommet is pathetic – wet paper towels work better.

Other than the leaking base, I have had no other problems with my new hookah. The wire cage works, but the handle must be removed to fit the base inside – which also doesn’t fit w/ the silicon protector on. It’s a nice small hookah, smokes as well as my others. It doesn’t seem to make the smoke much harsher than my 22” Egyptian, which never bothered me.

Time will tell if the hollow stem & common chamber will be issues, but so far clearing the base isn’t much harder that most of my other hookahs. The smoke purge valve is large and removable, but can be a pain. I love the feel of the stem too…any hookah stem heavy enough to be used as a weapon always scores well with me.

I was a little annoyed the bowl grommet didn’t work (bowl would pop off mid smoke) but any good hookah’er should have back-ups. Remarkably you can use Nammors and Razens with this little hookah. The short wide base makes for a stable rig and even with 2 Nammors plugged in, it wasn’t even trying to tip.

All in all, for a “cheap” under $50 hookah, it seems to rank up well to my others. It’s no Syrian or KM, but for what it is, it’s more than enough. The only word of caution I will offer is this: baby the base! No HOT water, no ICE COLD water without tempering. No dropping, kicking, and knocking it around either. For a “travel” type hookah, the base is remarkably fragile. It’s one BIG flaw.

Score: 7 out of 10


Yes, for a starter hookah, it’s great. For people who are used to taller, larger rigs, they may be happy with it, but it’s all dependent of the person. As a travel hookah – iffy, I would suggest getting a case to replace the cage, as the base is somewhat fragile. All in all – a good little hookah!

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