Taxes and Toys

Well another year has passed and tax time rolled upon me again. The Evil Overloads of the IRS have smiled down upon my worthless self and granted me a tax return... 1 week later I awaken to the lovely sound of, " You have a deposit of XXXXX" - YIPPIE!

So of course this had to happen the VERY NEXT DAY, I broke down and ordered something. From Hookah-Hookah, various flavors of shisha, to take advange of the "Free Pyrex Bowl" deal they had going for 2/14. Well, I needed to order my boy's new green base, so after several orders of sweating, I give them a ring. Sure enough, they add the bowl (which was $19.50) and let me know that shipping would go up $.50 and if they could hit my CC for the extra $20 (since my order was already in the processed stage). A few minutes later and she lets me know that it will be shipped that day. :)

Well, of course that isn't the end of the Hookah Happiness in my future. Oh no - Alexis gave me some $$ to order her some stuff off Hookah Company, when I put in my order. So I did - order ran about $124, but it has about 4.5 POUNDS of tobacco in it.... :P

Nope, not finished there either. I need another good hose. Well, I have 2 Nammors and I love them, so I want something similar - I head over to Nazar Hookah and figure I'll get a new Razan hose, in Black w/ White Handle. He was having a special that if you ordered $20 (subtotal) of stuff, he would throw in a 250g of Al Waha (random flavor) free. He sent an email Sat that it was shipped out. Danke Mahir.

And then comes to the 2nd to last order; Gabe @ Exotic Imports has a "free" item section. I wanted a few of the items, plus another HookahPro member and a co-worker did too. So I contacted him and chatted about the prices - got it set and placed that order. (25) 50g boxes of Afzal tobacco and (3) 1 kilo bags of Stargate Coal Fingers. That was done earlier in the week, so it should be coming soon.

And now we get to the final part of my Tax Spree Spending (I'm helping the economy)... I want some new hookahs. I'm planning on 3 (2 complete and 1 stem only) from Pimp Your Hookah:
  • A pink MYA QT (w/ 2nd hose adapter)

  • Small Candy Pharoh Madgy Zidan

  • Large KM Stem

So, most of this stuff is arriving this week - well, not the hookahs, I can't get ahold of PYH to order them. So I have a arseload of stuff coming and guess what, lots of video vendor reviews to do! Peace!

PS: Not all the $$ went toward Hookah stuff, I bought 2 video games, clothes and furniture too! LOL!

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Will Young said...

I can't figure out how to send messages or emails through blogger, if indeed that is even possible, so I'll just settle with this. You can respond here, or email me at wyoung@centenary.edu.

Anyway, you seem to have a pretty good grasp on most/all things hookah, so I have a question. Me and my friends bought a nice two hose hookah a few months back, and honestly the two hoses is probably sufficient, but I am curious where I could go to buy stems that have more hose attachments. Pimp my hookah has a few, but they only have one double and the rest are single. I have not found another store with just stems. Do you know of any others?
Thanks for the help!