Orders Up!

Well, this week has been fun! All my orders are starting to show up.... first was the package from Nazar Hookah

One Razan Hose in Black with White handle
One Hose grommet
One Free 250g of Al Waha Arabic Coffee

Yeah! I love this hose, Trance does too. Very nice and the crystal handle is even better than the Nammor one's - LOL!

Plus, this puppy is more flexible that the Nammors - not sure why or how, but it is. I'm a happy hookah gurl!

Next up was the order from Hookah-Hookah... but not the complete order. I had placed the first part on 2/14/08, in order to take advantage of their "Free Double Blown Pyrex Bowl" with any 10$ order. So, a friend said some flavors she recent got were decent, so I ordered:

100g Hookah Freak Blueberry Pancakes
50g Hookah-Hookah Irish Cream
Key Lime Pie Hookah-Hookah Shot
(1) Hookah mouthtip filter

Kool thing was, the next morning I had gotten my taxes and called them up to add to my order - a Medium Green Polka-Dot base. They took it down, sent me a email receipt and I thought all was good.

Boy was I wrong. I opened the box and ONLY the mos'sel and filter were inside the bow - NO BASE and NO BOWL! I called them, they said something about a new shipper and had to wait till the extra $20 cleared my account (which already had) and someone would call me Thursday morning.

Thursday rolls around - no call. At 2pm, I called them and the guy I talked to said it would be shipped out ASAP. I get home as got an Email from them saying my order is shipped - BUT THE ORIGINAL ORDER, not the base or the missing bowl! I think this will be the LAST time I order from Hookah-Hookah.

Next order I got was my package from Exotic Imports - it's a huge mess of Afzal and Stargate coals. Me and 2 friends wanted to try some and it was a VERY good price, under 45$ shipped.

Hookah Company's order is currently trapped in FedEx hell! They have tried twice to deliver it, but no one has been home & since it's FedEx Ground, they can't allow a Pick-Up until after the 3rd failed attempt & only the original sender can change the shipping address. I'm NOT HAPPY! Hopefully I'll get it tomorrow.

That just leaves the Pimp Your Hookah order - I got ahold of him, but he's not put up the items so I can order them, so I'm still WAITING! Argh! Why does shipping anything have to bloody hell!

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