Hookah-Hookah Key Lime Pie Review

Hookah-Hookah Key Lime Pie

Shisha Cut: fine, no stems, dark brown, moist not drippy
Hookah Type: 27" syrian
Duration: 5 min
Bowl: standard eygptian clay
Foil / Screen: foil
Coal / Amount: 2 - 1" stargate
Smoke: thin
Buzz: none

Smell / Flavor: Smell was a lime, with a undertone of something I couldn't put my finger on. Taste was repulsive - I got a single taste of something lime, then chemicals.

Rating (1 to 10): 1

OMG, it smelt decent, a limish something. But when I took that first hit, I got a slight lime then HEAVY chemical taste. I gagged. I tried hitting it 3 more time and that taste was just getting worse. Disgusting. After only 5 min in the bowl, I gave up and tossed it. Thankfully I only got a "shot", otherwise I would be angry.

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