Al Fakher Rose Review

Al Fakher Rose

Shisha Cut: med to fine, light on stems. Dark Red in color. Drippy.
Hookah Type: 17" Modern, 27" Syrain
Duration: 1.25 hr-1.5hr
Bowl: mini clay, standard clay
Foil / Screen: screen
Coal / Amount: 2 JST, 2 1" exoticas
Smoke: med to thick
Buzz: mild
Smell / Flavor: Smelt just like a rose, no joking. Fresh picked flower! I couldn't believe my nose. Taste... I have to assume that if I ate a Rose, that's what it would taste like. Very interesting taste, not horrible, but alarming if you aren't expecting it. Slightly sweet as well. Surprising good.

Video Link: (One day soon)

Rating (1 to 10): 7

I was happily surprised by this shisha. It was bought for a friend who hasn't gotten around to smoking it - so I tried some. Smells and tastes like a Rose (taste I'm guessing). Very nice and mellow, if a bit surprising at first. Can get a little overpowering, but still a good smoke.
Added a small pinch of AF Mint about 40mins in - mellowed the "flower" taste down and turned in into a very good smoke. Made the house smell good for several hours afterwards.
Mixes well with Apple (none anise versions).

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