Al Fakher Mint Review

Al Fakher Mint

Shisha Cut: med to fine, very little stems. Red in color. Drippy.
Hookah Type: 27" Syrian, 2-hose Engineer
Duration: 1-3 hours, dependant on number of people (1 = 3hr, 4 = 1hr)
Bowl: X-lg clay
Foil / Screen: foil
Coal / Amount: 2 - 2" natural coal fingers
Smoke: thick
Buzz: slight
Smell / Flavor: Smell = mellow minty smell. Not overpowering, not sweet, just minty. Taste was mellow as well. Not overly strong, but just powerfully enough to "wow" you. Not sweet either.

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Rating (1 to 10): 9.5

I wanted to try another brand of Mint, plus wanted some for a mixer. By it's self, this is a good smoke. A lot less harsh than Havana's, more mellow and refreshing. As a mixer - it can't be beat! Works well every time I've used it so far!

Some of the people I was smoking with did consider it a little strong by itself, but I didn't (they are new to hookah) nor did my BF - the ciggy smoker. He enjoyed it because it was lighter than a Menthol ciggy.

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