Layalina Coconut Review

Layalina Coconut

Set-up: 30" Syrian
Bowl: smiley w/ foil
Base: Iced base and cold water
Hose: mod hose
Coal: 1.5 (33m) 3 King or 2 silver tabs (2 @ a time, 4 max)

Cut: Med cut, some stems. Typical Layalina juiciness – dripping.
Smell: Sweet Coconut.
Taste: Sweet coconut, not the strongest coconut taste, but better than Havana. Lasted the whole bowl, never got burnt tasting. Stronger than Al Waha’s version, without the buzz.

Smoke: Medium
Buzz: mild
Time: 50min to 1hr 25min

Score: 8/10

Layalina is one of my favorite daily smokes. Super sweet, very flavorful, long lasting. This was a good coconut, not as strong as Al Waha’s, but defiantly stronger than Havana. Only got a slight buzz, but didn’t give it much heat. With more heat, you should get more smoke & buzz. Should mix well with other flavors, such as chocolate, pineapple, or orange.

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