Al Waha Coconut Review

Al Waha Coconut

Set-up: 27" Syrian
Bowl: standard mod w/ foil
Base: Iced water
Hose: MYA washable
Coal: (3) Japanese Silver tabs, broken in half

Cut: Med cut, some stems. Good amount of juice.
Smell: Strong coconut smell.
Taste: It does taste like coconut. Out of all the brands I’ve tried, this one does offer one of the better bangs. Could be stronger, but good enough to taste.

Smoke: Medium
Buzz: Light to Med, typical “sleepy” Al Waha buzz.
Time: about 1hr 25min

Score: 7/10

One of the better Coconuts I’ve had to date. Good smoke, good taste (lasting), but could have been better on both issues. Of the non-fruit flavors I like, this is one of my Top 10.

Alternate Base Mix:
Killer Whale: 4 oz Whaler’s Killer Coconut Rum. Add to chilled water and ice. Added more coconut flavor and enhances the buzz.

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