2-Hose Engineer Hookah Review

Pipe: Engineer 2-hose auto-seal hookah (Syrian) in Blue and Gold
Hose: 2 wide style hoses
Bowl: Tiny brown glazed (replaced w/ larger)

Recently purchased this hookah and already smoked it twice. Stem is seperatable, solid and heavy. Screw together airtight. Gold in color - possibly brass (?).

Pros: Nice very looking pipe. Heavy durable stem, can be screwed apart for cleaning, storage/transport, and reassembles into 2 different sizes. Easy to draw, hoses are wider than normal. Base is large enough for the hookah (although I have a larger version). Ashtray can sit on top (smaller stem size) or be placed bwt sections, very stable. Auto seal system work very well - no need to cap other hose. Head/stem top is Egyptian style, not true Syrian style. Glass base well made, nicely decorated and thickness was good.

Cons: The auto seal system works, a little too well. To use the smoke release valve, I had to remove one ball bearing from the set-up (On hose I was using, left non-used hose & valve alone). Hoses had plastic smell - unsure if washable, but washed with HOT lemon juice to remove smell. Base jar smaller than my Large Egyptian Hookah's jar, but does have enough space for ample smoke. Bowl was small - 5-10g, but I have several so it wasn't an issue. Hookah does rock slightly when drawing thru hose (may have been because on carpet). Also, stem is slightly different than one pictured, but very close. Assembled, hookah sits at 29" instead of 30"

In all, a very nice hookah if you're interested in a 2-hose Syrian hookah. Hookah came with: 3 rolls of coal, tongs, 2 hoses, bowl, metal screen, grommet (3 hose, 1 bowl, 1 base), carrying bag and BONUS combo bowl.

Smokes very well and a great looking "room decoration" when not in use. Recommend.

Purchased thru Nazar Hookah.

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