Sahara Order in

As you can see, my order from Sahara Smoke came in today. Yeah, happy days! Anyways, on to what's in the picture...

The 3 tubs/bags of tobacco are Al Fakher - Peach, Watermelon and Vanilla. They all have production dates of 2008 (bwt Jan and May) and they are ALL the new cut of AF. Ok... dang it all, but atleast they smell ok. The peach did have a faint chemical whiff to it, but just leaving it open for an hour has made the smell much better. Hopefully these should all be yummie.

The small white bowl is the Vortex bowl - it's good sized and looks well made. If I believe the other reviews on HP, it should produce some good smoke. After I have played with it for a bit, of course I will make a video :P

Now they did throw in 2 extras - a tube of Hookah-Freak "The Dude" and a roll of Akhla quiklites. I've used the coals before (explodie coals - LOL) but never had the HF flavor before. But... it smells weird, like a cross between Irish Cream, Chocolate and Hazlnut. Who knows, might be good.

All in all, a good order and showed up fast. Packed well and shipped via UPS - which left it at the front door, which is scary since I live in a ghetto neighborhood and children are around. Oh well... Other than that, nothing went wrong. Yeah, I like it when orders work!

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