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June 22, 2008 Rock Band FINALLY came out for the Wii. YEAH! About freaking time, kool thing it's white unlike the other systems' versions. Bad part, it's the same price as the other console versions - about $160. Bummer...

Another new thing came out yesterday as well.... Guitar Hero: On Tour for the Nintendo DS. Yes, you just read that right... for the DS handheld. Guitar Hero has invaded EVERYWHERE (but the PSP) - you can even get it for your cell phones!

But here it is for the DS... It runs $49.95 but does come with several items inside. First it comes with a "finger pad" that you plug into the larger "Advance" port on the DS. This part has a clear outer shell that can be removed and the skin underneath can be replaced with diffferent ones, how cute.

Plugged into the backside of the "finger pad" is the puck needed to strum the guitar, although you can use the standard stylus that comes with the DS normally.

Then there is the game cartridge itself - it even comes with a clear plastic carrying case similar to what you find with memory cards (Like a SD). There's also another black piece that is only used if you have a Original DS, not a DS Lite (so, yes both owners can play GH:OT!).

Now after reading the included instruction sheet and simple game play guide, most people will figure out how to set everything up and be ready to play. BUT... I will warn you, this device wasn't meant for the adult hand. It gives you some tips on how to hold the unit to play, but you will quickly find it is somewhat uncomfortable. A massive downer for me was the "finger pad" wouldn't stay plugged in, the way I had to hold it, would cause it to fall off during game play.... But Necessity is the Mother of Invention - 1 piece of duck tape later, I can play.

If you have played ANY of the other GH games, you know the premise - hit the colored keys while strumming in tune with the song. It has (5) sets per section, 4 levels of difficulty, a new method of activating Star Power (shout at the device) and does support 2 player games, but both players need the game/set-up. 25 songs in total, a few that I've played on other games, but many more that are new to the series.

It's kool, but I quickly got annoyed at the thing - my arm and hand hurt considerably within 30min of playing. If you thought normal GH was hard, this sucker is worse - hitting those strums just right takes ALOT of practice, the touch screen isn't as sensative as I would like. Another really annoying thing is the sound - it even tells you to get headphones! Unless you're wearing 'phones you're not gonna be able to hear it well enough to play along.

Out of 5 stars, I'd give GH:OT for the DS...

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