Hookah Hookah Black Label Lemon Review

Hookah Hookah Black Label Lemon

Shisha Cut: course (chunks, sticks, leaves), black color, and gooey.

Hookah Type: 27" Red Syrian

Duration: 30min MAX

Bowl: Egyptian clay

Foil / Screen: foil + windcover

Coal / Amount: (3) .75" Exotica (moved around alot)

Smoke: thick, but after 10min of cooking

Buzz: none

Smell / Flavor: Smell = lemon, but strange. Runs the gambit from Lemonheads, juice and Pledge. (I smelt Lemonheads) Taste = Lemon, but again strange. Starts sweet, goes sour, then bitter then disappears.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FxSCag_q-z4

Rating (1 to 10): 4-5

For an herbal smoke, it was alright. The taste was strange, starting sweet then shifting to sour, then bitter and then about the 30min mark it disappears completely. I've smoked it 4 times now, it repeats the same pattern - 30mins will give you smoke, but NO TASTE.

It's better than Soex (MUCH BETTER THAN), but nothing compared to a standard tobacco smoke.

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