Baja Kahlua Review

Baja Kahlua

Shisha Cut: med to semi-fine, twiggy stems (very few). Moist and sticky, dark brown/black in color.
Hookah Type: 4-hose Egyptian with Nammors/Razans (1 port sealed)
Duration: 55-60 min
Bowl: standard clay E
Foil / Screen: foil + windcover
Coal / Amount: 1 Golden QL - 33m
Smoke: Med then turning to thick
Buzz: slight to none
Smell / Flavor: Smell was a mellow coffee. Taste was the same, a nice mellow coffee - similar to Kahlua
Video Link: [none - no more to sample :( ]
Rating (1 to 10): 8

Considering the Baja Raspberry was a slight flavor disappointment, I was greatly surprised at this one's flavor. It was a nice mellow coffee flavor, not quite Kahlua, but very tasty. Didn't turn harsh till the end (as many coffee flavor may do) no got the "burn popcorn" flavor some get. Nice cut and a good smoke, if you want some coffee tobacco to try, consider this one of the mellower versions.

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