More on Video Games... (and less on Hookah)

I know, WTF? Has she gone off her rocker? Naw... if one is sick, one can't smoke Hookah. So I haven't been smoking a great deal of anything. Yeah...

But what I have tried to do is play more VIDEO GAMES :)

So, what have I been playing? Well, if you have seen my Xbox Live Gamer Tag, you shall see that I have been working at:

Bioshock (demo & rental)
Beautful Katamari
Tetris Splash
Viva Pinata

Not much, but slowly getting more & more time to play things. Oh, and get this - FINALLY got a second wireless controller! How...

Well, I finally realized I NEVER play my PSP as a video game system, I've basiclly downgraded it to a MP3 player and wireless surf point. Oh yes, a $250 piece of equipment, reduced to checking my email in my living room. So I figured - TRADE IT IN @ COOL STUFF.... along with my old Fatie DS (and the games I had for the PSP). An hour later, I'm the happy owner of a new (well slightly used) DS Lite (in pink mind you), Super Mario World (new version for DS) and a slightly used Wireless 360 controller. No money changed hands - equal trade.

So now I have my new DS Lite, I got a nice hardcase (LiteHouse in White, which comes with a USB/Car charger, metal stylus, and holds 4 games - both DS & Adv) on sale at Circuit City - even if I did have to travel to Chesapeake to get it. Yeah!

So... what new games do I want DS wise?

My Sims (for DS, not Wii), Zelda: Phantom Hourglass (of course silly), Pokemon Pearl, Catz (don't ask) and some Horror game we saw at GameStop. Plus I also want to get the Opera Browser that is out for it - Amazon.com sells it for 29.99 (w/ free shipping) which is a great price. Reviews are mixed, but I basiclly want to do simply surfing with it - nothing complexe, but want more than my Cell Phone can do (it refuses to touch Ebay).

Still working on a Wii - still a NO SHOW in town. I'm NOT buying it for 100-200$ more than list price, unless it's a bundle deal w/ EVERYTHING i want - not what they have leftover. Blarg! Why make a console, that is cheaper than all the others, but not easily availble to the market!

The PS3 dropped down in price again. The 20GB version is discontiuned, the 60 & 80GB versions are the same price: 499.99 (although rumor has it that some places are carring them for 399.99). I feel bad for Sony - but it's kinda their own fault. You should make a GAME console more $$ than a low end PC. It's not good sense! I don't care WHAT it can do, it's less than a PC, even with the BluRay drive. Plus - considering the price of the game, 2nd controller, memory cards &/or Memory sticks w/ adapter, HD cable and so on.... I can get me a HELL of a nice PC for ALOT less. Blarg...

Speaking of the 360, not so it's left out... The HD drive, I've seen it in places for as low as 149.95 now, the new HHD (120GB) is still bwt 179.99-149.99. They (Microsoft) have released a new set of controllers (Pink & Blue) with a silcon skin, in addition to the line of Black accessories. They also have a "keypad" thing to type out messages, but I'm not sure WHY it's there? The 360 has Voice Chat, so what's up w/ a keyboard? I wonder if you can use it to type stuff in.... but it's tiny, so it wouldn't be much eaasier than using the controller.

Oh well, enough of my mindless rambles. Back to work they scream....

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