Al Sultan Peach Review

Al Sultan Peach

Shisha Cut: med to course, some stems. Bright med red. Drippy.

Hookah Type: 22” Egyptian

Duration: 45 to just over an hour

Bowl: Egyptian clay

Foil / Screen: heavy duty foil

Coal / Amount: (2) 1.5” Exoticas

Smoke: med to heavy

Buzz: mild to heavy (depending on smoking method)

Smell / Flavor: Smell was a simple Peach – more realistic than sweet or candy-like. Did have an undertone of a chemical smell. Taste = a simple generic peach. Nothing fancy, slightly sweet. Stronger than Rommans, but not anywhere close to Pharaoh’s or Starbuzz.

Video Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ByQ_HIk4Lk

Rating (1 to 10): 7 (although I think after finishing that last bowl, drop it to a 6)

A very simple generic peach. Mostly realistic, slightly sweet. Nothing to write home about. For the price, you can get other Peach’s (Layalina or Al Waha) that have more kick, but in all, it’s decent brand. If you can find it cheap, try it, otherwise it’s safe to pass over.

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