Rosetta Super Strawberry Cream Review

Rosetta Super Strawberry Cream

Shisha Cut: fine to med, dark red in color, drippy - some stems, but very hard to spot
Hookah Type: 33" Syrian, 33" Egyptian
Duration: bwt 30-55min
Bowl: mod clay, shallow clay, glass bowl
Foil / Screen: foil
Coal / Amount: 1.5 33m golden, 2" Dynamite coal, 3 Sultan JST : w/ windcover both times
Smoke: med
Buzz: mild
Smell / Flavor: Smell was a sweetish strawberry jam, very yummie and mouthwatering. Taste, was a different story. Had a strange undercurrent taste of something I couldn't place my finger on... was a semi-sweet strawberry, but the other taste over-powered the flavor.

Video Link: (not sure if I'm gonna do one, that's how much i dislike this flavor)

Rating (1 to 10): 4

I was disappointed in this flavor, the strange taste this shisha had overpowered the strawberry totally and destroyed what should have been a good smoke. Plus it left the tip of my tongue tingly and feeling like it was coated. Smoked this twice, out of 2 hookahs to make sure it wasn't just a dirty hookah/hose.My BF loves this flavor, more than any of the other Rosetta's... he says the taste I'm picking up is a "Clove cigg" taste - I didn't like it.

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