Hookah Pro Prize!

Well, I finally got my hookah - turns out the post office has it since the 6th and NOBODY told me! I even went there and picked up another package on the 8th and they said NOTHING! Damn it people!

But anyways, it's a nice steel 22" Eypgtian style hookah. Blue glass base, blue hose (non-washable) and a clay bowl. Bowl wouldn't stay on the stop (mouth was too narrow for the stem top) but I have several other bowls that fit fine.

Smoked him already - it's great! Hits like a champ! Nice and stable as well, works wonderfull!

Many thanks to Mahir from Nazar Hookah for the prize, was well as SamBooka, Admin of HookahPro!

I'll work on a new video for him once my PC it back up and running - it's refusing to Boot into Winsucks anymore... so I give, Linux here we come!

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