Nahkla Cherry Review

Nahkla Cherry (rehashed and revamped)

Shisha Cut: med cut, dry-ish. Red in color and some stems. Sticky.

Hookah Type: 30" Syrian (1st) , 27" Syrian (2nd)

Duration: 45min (1st) 1hr 35min (2nd)

Bowl: standard modern (1st), smiley (2nd)

Foil / Screen: foil (both)

Coal / Amount: 2 silver tabs (1st), 4 silver tabs 2 @ a time (2nd)

Smoke: med to thick

Buzz: light to mild

Smell: Smelt like those candy-like cherry cough drops. Had a faint chemical/medicine smell to it.

Taste: Cherry cough drops, with a strange undercurrent of mediciny taste that seemed to coat my tongue.

Base Mix: On second go, added 2.5oz of Sno Cone Cherry Vanilla syurp to the base water.

Rating (1 to 10): 4 - by itself, 7 - mixed with syrup

Orginialy I was disappointed by this shisha - I expected more real cherry taste and less "cough drop" candy taste. Due to the unexpected weridness, I cut short my session and kinda gave up.

But, due to the sugesstion of others, I bought some "Cherry Vanilla" sno cone syurp. Added to the base water - chilled, repacked the shisha in a different bowl (I love Smiley's bowl for dry shisha) and tried again. DAMN! 100% improvement on the taste - it still has a fant undercurrent of the cough drop deal, but now alot for "cherry candy".

My suggestion - if you don't like the cough drop taste, pick upsome of this syurp (or some other cherry flavored one) and add to the base water. It should enhance the taste considerbly.

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